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Top 10 Typography Pinterest Boards

22.08.16 Design

By Rob Pollard
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Some people might not think it but typography plays an extremely important role in setting the tone for a website; it embodies the theme! A consistent site will execute typography beautifully taking into consideration the size, colour, spacing, as well as any other design elements that will enable the reader to clearly see what the designer intended. As typography has gained more and more recognition when it comes to web design, there have been many sources of inspiration. The internet holds a catalogue full of interesting and engaging typography and there are many individuals who collate this inspiration and put it in one place, in this case within a Pinterest Board. We’ve rounded up what we think are the Top 10 Typography Pinterest Boards, as a tool for inspiration.. Click on the subheading or image to be inspired for yourself!


1. Aya Refaeli | Type & Thoughts



2. Daniel Bear Hunley | Typography & Lettering



3. Design Quixotic | Typography

design quixotic


4. Ruslan Mashkov | Typography



5. Jeanee Dirty Laundry | Pretty Typography



6. Valerie Jar | Typography



7. Kristen Myers | Design:Lettering



8. Danny Blanton | Typography



9. Nice Party | Typography



10. Lucky Pony | Typography



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