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CMS Website Development

We empower our clients to grow and develop their digital footprint through a powerful, user-friendly Content Management System.

Our CMS websites enable our clients to proactively grow their online brand and consistently create content to engage with their audience groups.

Our approach to CMS website development means that our clients have a content management system that provides them with maximum flexibility to evolve their website.

Usability is fundamental to everything we do and this is recognised throughout our CMS creation and delivery. We utilise many development platforms, but for CMS websites we are exclusively a WordPress development agency. Through our combined experience, we have taken WordPress to a new level giving clients greater flexibility in managing their website. We are bespoke WordPress experts and our CMS is something that we are incredibly proud of.

We chose to exclusively develop within WordPress’ framework 5 years ago as we believed (even then) that it’s the most user-friendly CMS for our clients to use without compromising on development flexibility and power.

Our team have invested years of work into research and development to create the Content Management System (CMS) that we deliver to clients. We are passionate about our continued innovation and our systems and processes will continue to grow and adapt because of this.

When clients receive their completed website and login to their CMS they are always enthused as to how easy it is to manage all content throughout the website. Couple this with our cutting-edge team that are always available to support your business, our service is second to none.


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What we Deliver

  • An extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use Content Management System to empower our clients to fully update and grow their digital presence.
  • The ability to fully manage all text content, imagery and video media throughout your website as well as easily build new pages.
  • A clean, well structured and efficient code base that can be scaled in line with your business growth and development.
  • A bespoke CMS layout tailored to your website and brand requirements.

Everytime that we demonstrate how flexible and easy to use our Content Management Systems are, clients are enthused and excited about the positive effect a Lightbox website will have on their business. Couple this with a clean, well documented and efficient code base and you have an extremely powerful digital product.