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Digital Insight

Our digital insight session enables us to get to know you and your business. Through a positive, inspiring discovery workshop, we explore your brand in a bold move to reveal new opportunities to reach and engage with your customer.

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Our digital insight session enables us to comprehensively understand who you and your audience are. It sets the roadmap for your new digital strategy and ensures that the project is a success.

We initialise our digital projects with a digital insight’ session. The purpose of this session is to fully explore your brand and unlock every opportunity for your business.

This session allows us and you to take an ‘above the line’ view of your business, processes, target audience and goals. We are great listeners but we are also a team if ideas people and ideas evolve in a positive way by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

The digital insight session also enables us to get to know what makes you tick. We explore your values, unique selling points to create a value proposition for which to build your digital strategy around. This process of establishing your key messages provides us with a blueprint to build the structure of your website pages.

We question everything to ensure that the messaging connects and engages your audience groups. We align the right technologies to streamline workflow and automate processes in line with the project scope.

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What we do

  • Our clients are invited to our offices to meet the team. We are set up with a private meeting room with refreshments and facilities to ensure that we get the most value out of the digital insight session.

  • We start by listening to you talk about your business’ current position, customers and processes. This gives us an important snapshot of where you are. We then transition to discussing your future goals and deeper analysis of your audience groups.

  • The next stage of the digital insight session is critical to the project. We ask thought-provoking questions around key areas of your business to begin to formalise your value proposition and unique selling points that create the framework of the website structure.

  • Once the key messaging has been established we then formalise the website sitemap and discuss any advanced features such as website integrations and automated processes.

The best way to deliver a successful digital project is to be thorough at the front end of the project. To take a step back and analyse your customer needs, where you are and where you want to be. This is why our digital insight sessions are so powerful. They guarantee a successful digital strategy.