E-Commerce Development.

We improve the purchasing experience of millions of people worldwide.

Our entire e-commerce approach is focused around effective product presentation and a streamlined checkout experience that drives sales conversions.

We have a proven track record in delivering e-commerce solutions that generate millions of pounds for our clients.

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We create fast, secure e-commerce websites that provide customers with an effortless online shopping experience and businesses with a flexible, streamlined e-commerce solution that drives online revenue.

The team at Lightbox are experienced e-commerce developers that have a proven track record in delivering e-commerce websites that turnover millions of pounds through online transactions.

We design and develop e-commerce websites that efficiently fast track buyers through product browsing to product purchase. Every e-commerce website that we create is designed completely bespoke to the requirements of your business and product presentation. This tailored approach allows us the complete flexibility of page layout to ensure that the key elements of your product are presented in the conversion zones of the page. This leads to a higher conversion rate which equates to increased online sales.

Our strategic, consultative approach to e-commerce projects enables us to not only deliver a robust user-friendly e-commerce solution but also dig deeper into the product lifecycle and streamline business processes. Through bespoke development solutions and integrations, we have consistently redefined internal systems that save our clients time and money.