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Responsive, Multi Device Websites

Your customers want to be able to interact with your brand whenever or wherever they are. We strategically design their mobile experience to enrich their digital experience and enable them to connect with your brand.

We create websites for the mobile world that enable customers to access information and respond quickly wherever they are.

The Lightbox team have been designing online experiences throughout the transition to a mobile led world.

Our design decisions are not only based on our extensive knowledge of human interaction with digital products, but also our research and insight specific to your project and audience behaviours. We utilise historic analytical data to understand how users interact with your brand. We then apply this intelligence to design an elegant experience across all mobile devices to create a unified customer experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

We approach each device as a standalone challenge to deliver a user-friendly experience on each platform. Mobile requirements differ greatly to desktop requirements which is why we invest time into each device layout and ensure that your website is performing at its optimal level.

Our Mobile Approach

  • We design bespoke, user-friendly mobile experiences across all browsing devices. Each device layout is treated as an individual challenge to ensure that the most relevant content is presented to users.
  • Our design decisions are influenced by insightful analytical data of how users interact with your digital brand.
  • We place the important call to action elements and browsing tools at the fingertips of the user, enabling them to easily navigate through the website and interact with your business quickly.
  • Every website that we create is fully tested by numerous users on all browsing devices as well as speed tested using our internal digital testing suite.

Every brand touchpoint is important. We create multi-device websites that deliver an elegant, unified user experience to ensure that no matter how your audience interacts with your brand, they have a positive experience.