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We pride ourselves on creating long lasting relationships and that’s why we don’t hesitate in providing support to all of our clients for every step of a project.

There’s always someone from the Lightbox team on hand at the office to help clients with any questions whether they’re related to your own project or general questions about other areas within the industry.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated approach to maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Support plays a tremendous role in setting the tone for project success and we value that here at Lightbox.

There’s always someone from the Lightbox team, ready and willing to support you and your business objectives. Our dedication to client relationships means that you can take advantage of an effective support system that aids in driving your digital presence, from the initial digital insight meeting right up until after your website has gone live. Not only do you have access to a technical team but our marketing team are here to advise on what’s best for your business going forward so enquiries never have to be specific to your project; we’re always willing to advise.

Our support email process means that if you ever have any support queries you can get in touch with us and we’ll deal with the issue within a couple of hours and if needed, implement changes within a few working days. So you never have to worry about things going wrong, our in-house development team are continuously monitoring your website for bugs, running regular performance scans and automating regular backups so in the unlikelihood that something does go wrong… we’re always prepared. We care about what we do and you’ll see that through our proactive approach to supporting you and your business.

Our Approach:

  • You’ll benefit from our proactive approach to support from the very first enquiry. Our friendly team will be ready to answer any questions you may have whether they be general, project related or technical.
  • When you come to us for an in-depth digital insight session you’ll quickly see the support system available for you throughout the proposed project. We’ll use this stage to assure you that someone from the Lightbox team will always be on hand to assist you.
  • Throughout the project, you’ll be able to get in touch with us whenever you want, over the phone or through the support email system, which benefits from prompt and helpful replies.
  • Communication is key when maintaining strong relationships so we make sure that we keep you up to date and in the know at all times.
  • Even after your website is finished, our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll always be on hand to answer questions and advise you on the potential of your online presence.

Our desire to build relationships along with our dedicated support process is something we’re extremely proud of. You can always expect a helping hand when working alongside us, there’s always someone available ready to answer your questions.