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Web Design & UX.

Lightbox is renowned for our strength in the design element of digital projects as well as our technical approach. As the saying goes ‘people buy with their eyes’ and it’s for this reason that we have a bespoke design process for the project.


Our design phase enables us complete flexibility to design a digital experience that caters to the requirements of the business as well as the requirements of the audience groups.

We have a brand driven, user orientated approach to digital design. Your website ‘looking good’ is a given. Page layouts need to be structured and presented with your brand proposition and key messaging, driving user experience to guide users through a clear journey whilst making the process simple.

We design with data. Reviewing existing analytical data allows us to understand and identify missed opportunities and create an appropriate design strategy.




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Our Approach.

  • Every project that we undertake is designed from scratch to ensure that your brand, messaging and customer experience is tailored to your business and project goals.
  • Design, performance and UX underpin every decision we make to effortlessly guide visitors to a positive outcome or experience of your brand.
  • Our consultative approach to projects and understanding of user needs means that we will design the requirements of on-page content to deliver maximum impact.
  • Relationships are important to us. Our clients are involved throughout the entire discovery and design phase of the project. This means that once the design is agreed and signed off, there are no surprises at the end of the project and your website goes live on time.