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Weekends With Lightbox | October 2016

02.11.16 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard
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With the start of a new and exciting month here, lets take a look back at October and how we here at Lightbox like to let loose at the weekend!


Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd

The first weekend in October saw Dan take a trip to The Alchemist bar in Birmingham, enjoying a cheeky beverage with friends; Natalie also had a trip to some bars in Worcester with her friend, Beth. Whilst Warren had a more relaxed weekend at a GreyHound fair.

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Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th

To get the weekend started we had a team outing to some bars in Birmingham, with Dan and Dion even staying out to make a night of it! Warren had a very eventful weekend bringing home a beautiful new dog called Gracie. Tom went out with the family for a lovely meal at Frankie & Benny’s.

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Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th

With everyone being busy the first half of the month most of us took a relaxing weekend to chill and recharge the batteries. Adam on the other hand got involved in some football antics at the Wolves vs. Villa game.



Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd 

Most of the team again had a relaxing weekend with friends, but lucky Tom had a magical weekend at the Harry Potter Studios in London! Whilst Dion was enjoying a well earned break in sunny Spain, celebrating her Grandads birthday (we were all a little jealous).

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Saturday 29th and 30th

Halloween weekend finally arrived and the team enjoyed the weekend taking part in dressing up and getting in the spirit! Dan travelled to Bangor, Wales for a night out, dressed as Jason from Friday 13th! Natalie went to Worcester with the girls, dressing up as characters from Mean Girls. Dion went out for a Halloween drink with Courtney, and Adam spent the weekend with his adorable niece. Our Tom had a good weekend at a house party with friends.

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Last month was definitely a busy one, and with the run up to Christmas now approaching, we’re sure the next edition of Weekends with Lightbox will be even more jam packed!

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