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Weekends With Lightbox

06.09.16 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard
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Believe it or not, all of us here at Lightbox have lives outside of the office! We’ve come up with this new feature called ‘Weekends With Lightbox’ so you can see what we get up to once the working week is over. This post is going to show you what we got up to in the month of August; we hope you enjoy getting a behind the scenes look into life with the Lightbox team..

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th

This weekend saw Adam, our digital marketing guru hit the golf course. The office DJ Dan showed us where he gets his inspiration from and went partying with some friends. Tom who plays the drums, reunited with his band for a gig!






Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

This weekend saw Adam attend his friends Stag Do and we don’t know how messy it got for the stag but it couldn’t of got any worse for Adam because he smashed his phone to pieces. Rob saw his baby nephew over lunch and Warren had fun at Boardmasters down Newquay. This weekend also saw Dion go to the park with some family to see a puppet show and Tom and his girlfriend Jess looked after his parents dog, Benson!


img_20160812_125629_720 img_3504_720



Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st

Warren had a busy weekend going out for some Teppanyaki and heading to the skatepark to refresh his skateboard skills. Tom headed out for a fun night with friends and Dion had a fun (but tiring) time hanging out with her little brother, Kayden.







Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th (AND BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY)

For this much needed bank holiday weekend, the Lightbox team got up to all sorts. Rob went for a game of golf with the guys from Selectequip. Dan spent the weekend getting to know his new car and Dion went to Wales to enjoy the gorgeous weather and to see an amazing performance from The Red Arrows! Adam returned from a lovely holiday in The Algarve and Natalie came back from a very hot Malta! We were also blessed with more pictures of Benson the dog because Tom went on a mountain walk with his parents.





img-20160902-wa0002_1024 img-20160902-wa0000_1024

We hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse into what we get up to in our spare time. Join us next month for ‘Weekends With Lightbox’

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