Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We analyse user data and behaviours to help you iteratively make measured changes to your website to improve conversion and sales.

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Your business now:

You have a website that is getting traffic but you’re not getting many enquiries/sales.

Visually, you feel that your website looks good, but not sure why customers aren’t responding.

You know that most of your traffic is on mobile but your website isn’t converting mobile users.

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Your business with Lightbox

You are confident that you have a design and development partner that can iteratively change and measure your website to improve conversion.

You have an experienced digital partner that will give you an honest appraisal of the user experience taking into account visual impact, narrative and Call to Action (CTA).

You have a website that delivers an excellent user experience on mobile and desktop. You have a clear CRO strategy and clear, measurable objectives.

If you have a website or e-Commerce store that is underperforming but you can’t work out why, we can help you. Through a proven systematic and measurable process, we can help you unlock your potential online.

Discovery & Objectives

Before we start any Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) work, we have to understand your business and your customers along with their motivations prior to arriving and whilst using your website. This will be achieved through a collaborative workshop, persona analysis and motivations, user journey and data analysis and user testing.

We will then formalise a CRO roadmap, establish the objectives and set CRO KPIs that will encompass both UX and technical changes to the website.

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I want to generate more enquiries/sales

Insight, Research & Setup

Gaining a thorough insight into how people are using your website is imperative to successful Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Utilising a combination of data analysis, user research and market research we build a backlog of suggested CRO actions and prioritise them based on the objectives and KPIs of the campaign.

Your website is set up on our suite of analysis tools and we also identify any ‘data gaps’ and set up conversion tracking accordingly to get a full end-to-end picture of your user behaviour.

We then implement our proven CRO process to commence the ‘change’ and improvement activity.

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Identifying Opportunities

Website users will exit your conversion funnel for all kinds of reasons. By partnering with Lightbox, we will identify challenges that users are having along their journey along with UX, messaging and technical elements that can be improved based on our expertise and the data that we are analysing. Following an initial audit we will highlight and prioritise a list of recommendations to change, test and measure.

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A/B Testing

Some changes to improve your conversion rate can be implemented and measured without the requirement of an A/B split test. Theses are called ‘certain’ changes. As an example, the colour of your call to action button may clash or cause confusion on the page. ‘Certain’ changes are implemented and measured – as based on our experience and knowledge we know they will deliver a positive impact.

However, when new ideas and larger changes are required, we may need to A/B split test the change and benchmark it against the old version of the page. Here we utilise the user data of the A/B split test to inform our decision making as to which version is performing better and therefore should be implemented to all traffic.

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Conversions can be reduced by up to 7% for 1 second of delay in website load.

Personalised calls-to-action have a 202% higher conversion rate than regular ones

Videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%.

Eye View Digital

Why Choose Lightbox as your CRO partner?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is often an overlooked component of a digital strategy. Often, it is assumed that ‘a new website’ is better than really understanding what’s going on and what needs changing on an existing website.

Similarly, when a new website is launched, people think the job is done – when actually it’s just about to start.

Utilising User Testing, A/B testing and analysing User Data, our experienced team help you to gain an understanding of user behaviour to identify opportunities to improve their experience and convert more sales or enquiries. We help you identify where they are existing the website and more importantly why they are.


How does Local SEO work?​

Implementing local SEO takes time, but the end result is always worth it. Local SEO works through the process of businesses optimising their websites based on their target locations and Google recognising this in their crawls. For example, if a website had a strong number of links pointing to their website with locational anchor text, Google would take note of this and the chances of that website ranking higher would be made more strong.

To gather information and data for local search, search engines such as Google rely on local content, profile pages and citations, for example, to provide the most relevant local search results for the user. It’s important to note that local SEO doesn’t only apply to Google, but all search engines. This being said, Google is the main target with their portion of market shares, so this is where we would put most of our energy into.

To know what search engines are looking for, local SEO keyword research is essential. Whilst it may be time-consuming, it is imperative to understand what users are looking for and how they are doing it. Without keyword research, it is much more difficult to roadmap where your efforts should be focussed.

Why is Local SEO important to your business?

If your business is based in a relatively large town or city, good local SEO performance should be a key part of your digital strategy to attract people in your geographic area searching for the services that you offer. Performing well in local search results will also help people find you on Google maps and will raise the visibility of your brand in your area.

What are your Local SEO Services​?

There are various methods and techniques to local SEO, all of which are important in their own right. Lightbox provides a full local SEO service, we assess your websites needs and determine which techniques will provide the best results. Some examples of local SEO opportunities are:

– Locational specific landing pages

– FAQ pages

– Blog content

– Google My Business

– Citations

– Link building

– Reviews and ratings

These are some of the main examples of ways in which you can get your website to perform well locally. If implemented correctly, you won’t have a problem with getting ahead of the competition. However local SEO should be carefully considered and paced correctly, over-egging the pudding can have a detrimental effect and search engines may not respond well. Lightbox offers a rounded service when it comes to local SEO and we have the expertise within our team to know what is best for your website and business. Whether it is writing content or optimising your Google My Business listing, we will be able to offer support and guidance. If you are wondering what the importance of local SEO is, 46% of all Google searches are local and 96% of PC owners conduct local searches. We always love a few statistics to offer some extra assurance!

How long until you see results from Local SEO?

Local SEO is one element of an overall SEO campaign. As with any SEO service, it typically takes 3 months to see positive results. Depending on your area of business, Local SEO can be quite competitive particularly if you are playing catchup to some of your competitors. However, the earlier you start, the quicker you will outrank them.

Why choose Lightbox as an SEO partner?

Lightbox have been offering SEO services to clients for over 10 years. Our experts work with you closely to understand what it is that you want your website to achieve, and implement a strategy based around your goals. You will receive regular communication and updates as to how your website is performing and what tasks have been successfully implemented. We believe in maintaining ultimate transparency at all times.

Everything you need to know to successfully hire and agency.

Selecting the right digital partner is a key business decision that determines whether you are successful online or not. This must read guide covers everything you need to know before you make a decision.