Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We analyse user data and behaviours to help you iteratively make measured changes to your website to improve conversion and sales.

If you have a website or E-commerce store that is underperforming but you can’t work out why, we can help you. Through a proven systematic and measurable process, we can help you unlock your potential online.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is not a magical art. It’s systematically understanding your customers, what they are looking for, helping them find it and helping them to easily buy or enquire.

This is done by analysing multi-channel acquisition data along with website user data to gain a complete picture of user interaction with your brand, products and services.

CRO is then about implementing a proven and measurable process to make technical, UX (User Experience) and functional changes incrementally based on actual user data rather than assumptions.

How can CRO benefit your business?

If you have an E-commerce store or a website that gains inbound enquiries, we can utilise Google Analytics data, heat maps, user recordings and user testing to make incremental improvements to your website sales/conversion funnel based on actual user data and behaviours. These improvements will help you increase your conversion rate leading to increased online sales or enquiries.

By making incremental changes and effectively measuring the impact of those changes, we can shape your website to perform better.

Why Choose Lightbox Digital as your CRO partner?

Coupled with our 10+ years of UX and development experience, our proven CRO process means that we will make a positive impact to your website conversion rate. Across our internal teams, we have a portfolio of strategists, UX designers and developers and data analysts that collaborate to identify, test and implement CRO opportunities based on user behaviours.

Discovery & Objectives

Before we start any Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) work, we have to understand your business and your customers along with their motivations prior to arriving and whilst using your website. This will be achieved through a collaborative workshop, persona analysis and motivations, user journey and data analysis and user testing.

We will then formalise a CRO roadmap, establish the objectives and set CRO KPIs that will encompass both UX and technical changes to the website.

Insight, Research & Setup

Gaining a thorough insight into how people are using your website is imperative to successful Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Utilising a combination of data analysis, user research and market research we build a backlog of suggested CRO actions and prioritise them based on the objectives and KPIs of the campaign.

Your website is set up on our suite of analysis tools and we also identify any ‘data gaps’ and set up conversion tracking accordingly to get a full end-to-end picture of your user behaviour. 

We then implement our proven CRO process to commence the ‘change’ and improvement activity.

Identifying Opportunities

People will exit your conversion funnel for all kinds of reasons.  By partnering with Lightbox, we will identify challenges that users are having along their journey along with UX, messaging and technical elements that can be improved based on our expertise and the data that we are analysing.  Following an initial audit we will highlight and prioritise a list of recommendations to change, test and measure.

A/B Testing

Some changes to improve your conversion rate can be implemented and measured without the requirement of an A/B split test. Theses are called ‘certain’ changes. As an example, the colour of your call to action button may clash or cause confusion on the page. ‘Certain’ changes are implemented and measured – as based on our experience and knowledge we know they will deliver a positive impact.

However, when new ideas and larger changes are required, we may need to A/B split test the change and benchmark it against the old version of the page. Here we utilise the user data of the A/B split test to inform our decision making as to which version is performing better and therefore should be implemented to all traffic.

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