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Strengthening your brand presence and visibility, using the most efficient and effective online methods with our PR strategic expertise.

What story are you trying to convey, how are you trying to get it across, and who do you want seeing it? Three key questions that need to be asked before you consider Digital PR. 

What does Digital PR entail?

We very much like our Digital PR approach to be results-led at Lightbox. Clearly and simply establishing your business objectives, we then shape a PR strategy to your specific sector or industry needs in order to reach the right audiences.

How do we do this? 

Through a range of content (such as blogs, vlogs, thought leadership, features, influencer marketing) and mediums (online, regional, national, international, and top industry media), we establish key relationships with your necessary content gatekeepers, achieving strong coverage and backlink results to start a dialogue much quicker than ever before.  Working together, we simply want to help improve your reputation and increase your visibility, among members of your target audience. 

It’s 2020: possibilities for online promotion are endless. So that being said, tell us what you want to achieve, and let us create the perfect Digital PR strategy to succeed.  Contact us and we will tell you more.

How can Digital PR be measured?

The famous, age-old question!  Achieving great coverage in a strong international title you’ve been coveting for some time is great work. But what’s the impact of that placement on the client? Where’s the results, click throughs to the website, increased brand awareness and most importantly, lead generation and sales? 

Well, working with our SEO team, we judge our Digital PR success on high-end backlinks, social shares, increased traffic searches, and great online coverage. We want to be talking to the right media and journalists, about the right content for you. Being covered in the most relevant titles can have a huge significance on the success of a Digital PR strategy. And enhancing brand awareness is only going to be beneficial in achieving our aligned objectives, driving traffic to your site or even improving your Google ranking. 


Working with Lightbox for your Digital PR needs

We are creating engaging content on a daily basis, and know the specific needs of our clients.

The benefits of the journalist and PR fence are known all too well here at Lightbox. The team’s previous experience includes working for one of the UK’s biggest selling regional newspapers, and amassing invaluable agency knowledge on a host of sizeable brands, but equally achieving great results, whether that be sector specific, regional, national or at a global level. 

We’re as adaptable, and adoptable, as your business needs require. Our Digital PR structure allows us to constantly ask questions, and if the initial advised approach isn’t working, then we have no problems changing the strategy and accommodating new goals or objectives accordingly. 

Does that do the job?

Our Digital PR strategy

This is the most important document that will be created. This document will set out, straight from the off, what is going to be achieved, and how we’re going to achieve it. 

We will be asking a lot of probing questions about your business, its needs, objectives, challenges, aims and ambitions. What we’ll set out to do is state clear and SMART KPIs we’re aiming for, and break down what this activity looks like over a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis. 

No two companies’ goals will be the same, so it’s important to map yours out from the start to make sure everything you do as part of your strategy is working towards them. Not only that, but your goals will tie directly into your target audience and brand voice. 


Fancy a Digital PR campaign?

We’ve sent out a press release and achieved some good coverage results. So that must mean job done, right? Absolutely wrong!

A Digital PR campaign will involve the tactical use of targeted content, ongoing media conversations and smart use of SEO and social media. One of the fastest ways of generating high quality, relevant links for your website is through a well constructed Digital PR campaign. 

What results you want to achieve will depend on what campaign you’re running with; if it’s an influencer campaign and placing your content on their platform is the objective, then high-end backlinks will be one measurement of success. 

If media mentions is the end goal, then amassing how many times your campaign or brand awareness were discussed in an online capacity carries a huge amount of weight, especially if that media title is a big name and has a very large, credible following. 

So tell us, what PR campaign are you after?


Digital PR reporting

We want our PR reporting to be as simple and concise as possible. With a combination of assessing backlink value, referral traffic from links, SEO activity, brand awareness and collating online media coverage, we want to provide as much value to your reporting as possible. 

We like clarity, and not confusion at Lightbox. Reporting allows us to see what we’ve aimed to achieve for the month, and what has actually been achieved, in clear, set out objectives. This process helps us really learn what is working for us, if objectives are realistic, unrealistic or more could potentially be achieved, allowing us to have an ongoing discussion with you to make sure business and agency goals are as aligned as possible.

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