Marketing Automation

Improve customer experience, conversion rates, and ROI with slick and measurable marketing automation.

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Your business now:

A jumble of forms, files, and emails without a clear strategy.

No system in place to engage and nurture leads.

No way of upselling or cross-selling to new and existing customers.

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Your business with Lightbox:

Time-consuming manual marketing tasks are handled automatically.

Leads are qualified, scored, and sorted with just a few clicks.

Timely promo emails are triggered whenever a customer buys.

Marketing Automation that makes life easy

Effective marketing is a mix of creativity and commercial savvy. Art meets business. But engaging the right people with the right messaging also requires a bit of “busy work” in the background. From qualifying, scoring and sorting leads, to creating targeted landing pages and email sequences, campaigns will only succeed when they’re underpinned by quality data.

Our marketing automation services help you streamline and measure those tasks – from the mundane to the monumentally important – improving efficiency, increasing ROI, and saving you precious time and money in the process.

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Marketing Automation that scales with you

As a certified HubSpot partner, we have the knowledge and tools at our fingertips to support every stage of your growth.

Whether it’s automating repetitive manual tasks, engaging and re-engaging customers with email triggers, or diving deep into revenue attribution, we can help you take your business to another level – and join you there for the next push forward.

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75% of companies use at least one marketing automation tool.

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76% of companies using automation generated an ROI within the first year.


Prospects nurtured by automation resulted in a 451% increase in leads.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation utilises software to complete repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media postings, etc. to increase efficiency of marketing teams, but also improve the experience for customers. It should be a collaboration between software, strategy and customer-centricity to create personalised content to improve your business. Through streamlining workflows and focusing on the entire customer lifecycle, marketing automation can deliver long-term strong relationships with your customers.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be used to improve marketing strategies by compiling data across multiple channels to allow marketers to have a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. This can be utilised to improve marketing content and priorities as it makes clear where focus should be placed and what content performs the best. Manually tracking all this data is close to impossible due to the diverse range of channels and touch points that customers have along their buying journey. Marketing automation also improves the efficiency of marketing teams, allowing them to place more time on strategy and content rather than data collection to produce greater traffic and conversions for your business.

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