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We help you grow your revenues online by utilising our experience, proven processes and technical know-how to create and deliver robust SEO strategies.

SEO specialists that make a difference to your business.
We help you grow your revenues organically online by utilising our SEO experience with proven processes and technical know-how to create and deliver robust SEM strategies.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of growing your website’s traffic by increasing the quality and quantity of leads. Put simply, SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website organically across search engines with a four-step process starting with an SEO Strategy, which leads to Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO and then monthly health checks followed by SEO reporting.

The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic organically, leading to a higher rate of conversions with month on month growth; the best bit of this meaning that this is a free process of search marketing.  For quicker ROI you’d be looking for a Pay Per Click strategy which is another form of online marketing.

How long does SEO take?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and unfortunately, that applies to SEO. Search engine optimisation is a long term process, the average time it takes to notice online growth is around the three-month mark. This also depends on the size of your website. Search engine optimisation works for any industry, big or small, but each website is different and can have different SEO issues; from technical problems to on-page issues, each improvement made to a website won’t be an overnight fix, so please be patient in the ever-changing online marketing realm.

The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic organically leading to a higher rate of conversions with month on month growth. This means that you will eventually be getting ‘free’ traffic during the process of search marketing. For quick ROI you’d be looking for a Pay Per Click strategy which is another form of online marketing. We can manage a PPC campaign alongside your SEO project for instant results whilst we build your organic presence.

Why choose Lightbox?

At Lightbox, we have a talented range of Birmingham SEO specialists meaning that you’re not only in the right hands, but we are passionate about the visibility of your website, ensuring your business is receiving top organic quality traffic, and turning these leads into conversions.  Search engine optimisation is a priority in today’s online marketing, it will help your business grow from inbound online enquiries and sales.

With a close knit team of SEO specialists, we are bright minded analytical thinkers with a solid understanding of how SEO works across all industries. We care about your business, conversion growth, and understand the need for excellent communication to ensure you know what we are doing. See our case studies and get in touch for more information.

SEO Strategy

Every industry is different which means you need a clear SEO strategy to help your website get on the right path for online conversions and success. We will work with you to establish a unique SEO strategy to help you achieve the results to grow your sales and enquiries online. This is an important part of our partnership as it allows us to establish a roadmap to online success along with key measurable activities. This way, you know what we are working towards and how to measure your online success.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is commonly referred to as On-Page SEO. This practice is ensuring the content, HTML, website load speed, user experience and general functions of the website are working correctly.

The quality of your website is more important than ever to perform well in the search results. Our on-site optimisation work starts with a technical audit to assess the structure, performance and technical integrity of your website. We then apply our SEO knowledge and expertise to work through your website page by page to ensure that your onsite structure, content and codebase is set up perfectly for how Google views and ranks your website.

Our in house development team allows us to easily collaborate to fix technical issues and proactively develop the website in line with the SEO strategy.

Offsite SEO

One of the key indicators for Google as to how to rank a website is how many good quality, relevant websites link to your website.  Firstly, we will audit your existing backlink profile to establish your current position. We will then embark on a link acquisition campaign built around your targeted keywords and brand.

Offsite SEO is also referred to as Off-Page SEO. Opposite to On-page, Off-Page SEO focuses on your backlink profile.  However, Off Page SEO’s focus isn’t just about backlinks, it also ranges from brand mentions to social media marketing.

SEO Maintenance and Reporting

As SEO is an ongoing service, monthly maintenance and reporting plays a big part. Not only do we update you throughout each month on the SEO work that we are doing, we will also provide you with a detailed monthly report that is benchmarked against the KPIs of the SEO strategy set out at the start of the campaign.

We also set our clients up with a live dashboard that reports back all of the key data of the campaign. This data generally includes keyword performance tracking, conversion tracking, website traffic data and backlink data. However, we can tailor this to show the data that you want to see to enable you to report on performance within your business.

Access to this dashboard allows you to access live data whenever you want and provides you with complete transparency as the data is live.

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