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Keyword Research Specialists

Lightbox has a team of experts and keyword research specialists who are on hand to help you through your SEO journey.

Using our in house tools and methods, we can do all of the dirty work for you and ensure that you have a broad and informed scope of keywords ready for your website to target. Depending on your team and priorities, our Birmingham digital marketing team can also craft and develop the content for your website that will be inclusive of the keywords. Whilst you may want to give it a go yourself, our clients have felt safe and assured handing the reigns over to us as we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get it right first time.


Keyword research is the crux of SEO. Without it, it is pretty difficult to determine where you should be focussing your efforts when optimising your website. The main purpose of carrying out keyword research is to discover search terms, words and phrases that users are searching for on Google and other search engines. This has developed and varied hugely over the years, with keywords becoming ever more based around the searcher intent. Businesses aim to understand exactly what it is that users want, and from that, craft a website targeted around their wants and needs. In this sense, keyword research is the foundation of SEO and digital performance.

The strength of keyword research lies in better understanding your audience and how they are looking for your products, content, services or information. Most people want to grasp ‘What are people searching for?’ and keyword research is the gateway into doing this. Conducting keyword research allows you to create relevant content for users, something that if done properly, can reap many benefits.

Creating content based on your target keywords is something that Google and other search engines recognise. Some keywords get a much higher search volume than others, which people naturally want to take advantage of. However, it is important to target search terms with varying search volumes, as more niche keywords can offer higher chances of ranking. In either case, if search engines can see that your website is providing relevant, useful information to users from keyword searches, they will reward your website and you will stand a higher chance of ranking on the higher end of page one for your target terms.

To start with keyword research, you need to have a clear roadmap of what it is that you want to rank for. It is important that you make a list of your target areas, from there you can conduct research and develop it with your goals and objectives as a constant base. There are many keyword research tools that you can use:

Google AdWords
Google Trends
Google Search Console
Google Keyword Planner
Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
Moz Keyword Explorer

The list goes on. Whatever tool you choose to use, you should take the results with a pinch of salt and base your keyword research and rankings on averages and general trends. Whilst the keyword research tools out there are useful, you can never be sure that they are totally accurate and foolproof. However, they are invaluable for determining what users are looking for and they are the best and most efficient way to generate a list of target search terms. Keyword research should be carefully considered and thought out, so you may need the help of a specialist to guide you on your way and offer advice.

Lightbox have the industry expertise and knowledge to carry out your keyword research to the highest quality and put it into action.

Are you interested in conducting keyword research for your website? So are we, and we are available to you. Get in touch with us today for further information about keyword research and to discover what we can offer you and your business.

Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer