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Opposite to On Page SEO, Off Page SEO focuses on all of the elements outside of your website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page SEO refers to all of the activities carried out away from the website, with the same aim of raising the keyword rankings.

One of the key indicators for Google is having a strong backlink profile. At Lightbox we look at how we can improve a sites trust flow and increase good quality, relevant links to your website. However, Off Page SEO isn’t just about backlinks, it ranges from brand mentions to social media marketing.

Why Choose Lightbox Digital?

At Lightbox, we have experienced SEO specialists who can take on any SEO challenge big or small, we are the strategic thinkers that have helped clients of all sizes dominate the digital realm with first page results, we can get your business seen across search engines. We create and implement tangible SEO strategies that deliver ROI. Partner with Lightbox and increase your digital enquiries, brand visibility and revenues through SEO.


Off-Page SEO is like the support from your friends and family, however, in the internet marketing world, these are websites and ‘online supporters’. It’s the helping hands of other websites links, mentions and shares that improve the strength and visibility of your website. These can be done many different ways, but we’re not giving away our secrets, we are here to help your business grow, and your ROI boom! If you’ve heard enough already then get in touch!

As it goes, generally SEO takes around 3 - 6 months to notice any change, however with Off-Page SEO, you only have so much control, obtaining backlinks are not always instant as this can either depend on waiting for approval or steps required for final action. However, this doesn't mean there won’t be a substantial amount generated on a monthly basis. Having a backlink / Off Page strategy is crucial, and at Lightbox Digital we prioritise that.

Internal Link Audit
External Link Audit
Internal Link Strategy
External Link Strategy
Internal Link Optimisation
External Link Optimisation
Monthly Link Optimisation / Reporting

At Lightbox we strive to get the best outcome for each and every client when looking into your Off-Page SEO, we first start with a link audit, this is both internal and external. From this, we can see how strong your link flow is and whether you have relevant quality backlinks pointing to your site and the best use of internal linking across your site.

In Order to start growing your backlink profile, we first make sure your internal link profile is optimised which also falls under On-Page SEO. By having a strong link profile across your website is essential, you want to drive traffic that has relevant and useful information to users which eventually you can gain natural backlinks which help with your link profile and show that your content is engaging.

Once we have looked at internal links we then look at new ways to generate links to your site, this can be done in several ways, by generating natural backlinks, local citations and quality backlinks from high profile websites.

Both on-page and off-page SEO are crucial when it comes to keeping on trend with the ever-changing online market, we ensure that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to SEO. At Lightbox we not only perform to the highest quality on a monthly basis, we strategise and report to you keeping you up to date every step of the way.

Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer