On-Site SEO Optimisation

Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer

Following a technical audit of your website, we perform in-depth keyword research to identify which search terms to target based on your products/services and your customers needs.

Once we have agreed keyword targets and set KPI's we then work through your website pages in priority order to optimise them in line with our keyword targets.

It’s not just about the content though. To ensure that your customers are delivered an optimal digital experience on your website, we ensure that the html, heading structure, load speed and schema markup are optimised to perform.

Why Choose Lightbox as your SEO partner?

With heaps of SEO knowledge on the table, our digital team at Lightbox are strategic, realistic and up to date SEO experts. We create and implement tangible SEO strategies that deliver ROI. Partner with Lightbox and increase your digital enquiries, brand visibility and revenues through SEO.

Onsite Optimisation FAQs

Onsite Optimisation (SEO) helps improve the ranking of your website across search engines. It’s the main source of generating quality traffic to your website, it is the practice of optimising pages across your website ensuring you are driving relevant traffic to your site by using the right content, keywords and call to actions. A huge part of Onsite SEO is looking at the user experience, so the design also plays a big part in this. By having well-structured content across your site it means it is easy for user navigation and indexable for search engines when done right.

The reason you need quality, well-structured content is because Google reads your pages as a user would, just more technical, therefore you want the process to be easy but detailed.

At Lightbox we ensure that your Onsite SEO is high quality, we thoroughly research into the right keywords, then look at content, URL structure, Meta tags, descriptions and much more. 

Our SEO specialists have an eye for detail and in-depth knowledge to help your website perform at it’s best across search engines.

The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic organically, leading to a higher rate of conversions with month on month growth; the best bit of this meaning that this is a free process of search marketing.  For quicker ROI you’d be looking for a Pay Per Click strategy which is another form of online marketing.

Onsite SEO is one of the most fundamental aspects of internet marketing, it helps search engines understand your website through quality content, use of keywords and internal links, without your website would not be attracting relevant traffic and missing out on potential leads.

On average SEO takes around three months before you see big differences. However, with on-page changes this can often speed the process up. As Google often tends to be unpredictable with indexing and updates, there is never an accurate answer with how soon you’ll see results as it’s down to how many issues are lurking around your site. This being said, we ensure your content is fully optimised for keywords and search terms keeping you on-trend and up to date with algorithms giving you the best opportunity to rank highly across search engines. Overall On-page SEO varies, you may see keyword positions increase rapidly over a few weeks say, but overall your biggest growth will be looking at 3 - 6 months mark.

Gone are the days when thin content would get you ranking across search engines. We focus on well optimised rich quality content with relative well-structured keywords to help grow your target audience and grow revenue.

Not only does great content grow your traffic, but it’s also engaging to the user and builds character and structure to your site. The structure of your content helps develop leads to conversions from how and where you have call to actions across your website, hence why On-Page SEO is so important.

We believe it is important to invest time into a well optimised on-page strategy to ensure you attract the right traffic through search terms, keywords and long-tail keywords. In today's world of SEO Content is key, we give a thorough content audit identifying what's hot and what's not across your site, followed by a strategy and population.

- On-Site Audit

- Keyword & Competitor Research

- Heading Tags, Meta Tags and Content Population

- Image Optimisation

- Internal Link Optimisation

- Blog / News Strategy

- On-Site HTML / Broken Link and Image Fixes

- And More...

Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer