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We help you build your website around the needs of your customers as a priority. Too often websites are built around the requirements of the business when actually, they need to be an effortless experience for the user.

Excellent digital experiences are those that go unnoticed by customers. It’s just simple to find and buy what you are looking for. Most customers would rarely rave about a website that was easy to use as it’s expected. However, they would certainly notice a website that made their life difficult and would not return.

Our team help you understand who your customers are, what their motivations are and build a digital experience that makes their life easy by simplifying the journey to their desired outcome.

What is UX Design?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’ design. When we talk about UX design we mean the way in which a user experiences a digital product. UX design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

It involves aspects of branding, design aesthetic, product usability and functionality to enable users to effortlessly navigate a digital product based on their motivation and intent.

UX design is not just about product usability. It’s about experience, efficiency and often making the journey fun too.

Why is User Experience Design Important?

Too many websites are built around the needs of the business rather than the user that they intend on attracting. It should be the other way around.

When you place the needs, motivations, intent and goals of your users before you start a digital project, the outcome is vastly different. You need to shift to a ‘what do they need’ as opposed to ‘what do we need’ mindset and develop user journeys around those requirements and audience personas.

Simply put, good UX design helps your customers buy from you. Why wouldn’t you invest the time, research and planning in doing it well?

Why invest in UX Design?

Whether you are starting a new digital project or looking to improve your existing digital product, investing in UX design will improve the performance of your website or app.

By analysing user data, conducting user/market research and implementing our experience, your website will be built around key user journeys that satisfy the needs of your audience personas – getting them to their goal of conversion effortlessly and quickly.

We have a proven track record in improving the performance of websites and helping our clients get more out of the number of website visits they have, rather than endlessly chasing a higher volume of users.

We will improve the conversion rate of your website.

UX Design Research, Insight and Testing

We help you understand how your digital product needs to be structured and designed by:

  • Facilitating a UX based workshop with you.
  • Analysing your existing Google Analytics (or other user analysis platform) data.
  • Conducting market research.
  • Activating ‘real’ user testing.
This insight provides us with the knowledge to make informed UX design decisions incrementally to improve your digital product. 

Developing User Stories

Following our data gathering, we will apply a set of user stories to each user persona to fully map out their different user journeys based on their needs, motivations and goals. 

Establishing strong, specific user stories gives us a roadmap to adhere to when designing a user interface and navigation across the digital product.

Content Hierarchy

Once we have established the user journeys, we then use low fidelity wire frame sketches to quickly establish the priorities for each user interaction. We do this because it allows us to quickly formulate our ideas and stress test them before we start visual design work and creative. This will also be driven by the user data that we have gathered and analysed.

During this process we map out the content hierarchy of each page of the user journey focussing on what content is important to the user to help them find what they are looking for and continue their journey.

Appropriate Call to Action (CTA)

Delivering an appropriate call to action (CTA) at the right time of a user’s journey is key to influencing them to continue or, enquire or buy e.g. asking a user to contact you too early in their journey before they have had chance to explore the required information may turn them off. In this case the CTA may be ‘view our services’ or ‘find out more about us’. It’s also good to be as descriptive as possible (but as short as possible) to help the user understand what to expect when they do click through.

The ‘call to action’ language is also a key ingredient to achieving a website conversion. This is where it is important to identify the tone of voice that each of your personas want to be communicated with e.g where relevant ‘buy today’ may be better than ‘add to bag’ as it’s more of a direct tone.

UX Design Implementation

Once we have mapped out your user journeys, established a strong content hierarchy at each stage of the journey, and identified the correct CTAs at each touchpoint, we move into designing the aesthetic of each interaction to create a visual prototype of the user journey.

The visual prototype brings the journey to life and allows our team to analyse and question each stage further before we code and implement the new designs.

A/B Split Testing

Where UX design changes are implemented, we will set up A/B split testing to measure how the ‘new’ version of a page or design feature performs against the existing page/layout. Once the user/conversion data consistently reports a positive result over a measured period of time, we then implement the changes permanently.

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