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We help you utilise your website to grow your business and systemise your internal process, saving you time and money.
Our award-winning website designd are crafted around your customers to make their life easy when engaging with your brand.

By placing your customers at the heart of our design thinking, we are able to simplify their experience and help them to easily engage with your brand and become a customer.

What is excellent website design?

Excellent website design enables your customer to simply do everything that they intend to do when they arrive on your website. It has to be effortless and help them through to their end goal. This in turn will equate to increased conversions from the website delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).

A great website will provide users with a visual experience and tell the story of your brand or product to excite and resonate with them. It will make your customers feel something.

Websites should also make life easier for everyone and streamline the way that your brand delivers customer service. It should be easily manageable and scalable and help your business to thrive online.

How long do website projects take to deliver?

A smaller website can be delivered in 6 weeks whereas larger website projects will be delivered within a timeframe of 3-6 months depending on the complexity and functionality involved.

As well as having a dedicated project manager, we utilise a digital platform called ‘Monday’ to manage all of the tasks associated with your website project. This is a collaborative tool that you will have access to, ensuring that you always know what we are working on, and when. It provides you with complete project transparency.

Why choose Lightbox to develop your website?

Lightbox is your trusted digital partner. Over the last 12+ years, our Birmingham web design agency has directly been involved in the transition of websites simply existing, to them being an imperative part of your business, both internally and externally.

Every website that we create is custom-designed around your customers. We help you stand out from your competitors and grow the revenues directly attributed to your website.

Websites designed for your customers and your business

Every website that we create is a bespoke design around the needs of your customers and your business. By gaining a thorough understanding of your brand and your customer in our discovery workshops our designers can create a visual experience that delivers your key messages effectively and provides your customers with an effortless experience resulting in more enquiries.

Our websites are also designed and developed to make things easier for your teams to manage. By mapping out your internal processes we are able to streamline your internal workflows by integrating your website with any digital platform. This saves you time and money and allows your people to focus on what they are good at.

Latest Technology Included

When you choose Lightbox as your digital partner, you can be assured that all of the latest, proven technologies are implemented in your project. 

Our development team love the technical aspects of projects and solving problems with lean, efficient solutions. We are constantly evolving our workflow to ensure that you are getting the best website product on the market.

A Connected Approach

As we are a full-service digital agency, you benefit from our strategy, design and development and digital marketing teams working together throughout your project.

The benefits of this are:

Your website project is designed to deliver an effortless user experience (UX) and is built around your brand and your customer in line with your business strategy.

The codebase is developed with good practice SEO architecture to ensure that it’s set up to perform in search engines from the get-go.

Where necessary, we can easily implement technical SEO into your project as we develop it e.g. advanced schema markup.

We can set up all of your conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager.

The migration from your old website to your new website is seamless as our Birmingham SEO and development teams handle everything so you don’t lose any of the authority you have built with Google.

Developed for Performance

Google now uses website speed (how fast your website loads for the user) as a key metric as to how it should rank your website in the search results.

Every line of code that our development team write is as lean as it can be to achieve the desired outcome. The reason for this is to ensure that the architecture of your website is as light as possible so when we performance optimise it, it’s super fast to load.

Mobile First

Most websites have a significantly greater number of users that arrive on mobile devices. This is why our entire approach to website projects is mobile first (unless your user data states otherwise).

We focus our UX design on delivering an effortless experience to users on mobile devices. This has become even more prominent since Google shifted to a mobile first index (Google is indexing your web page based on how it renders on a mobile phone versus a desktop computer).

Having a mobile first approach completely changes the UX design thought process as you have less page real estate to make an impact.

Project Management

Project Management is one of the most important aspects of our digital projects. It’s what makes us hit our project milestones and overall project deadlines.

Proactive project management also ensures that you are kept up to date with what we are working on throughout the entire duration of the project.

A dedicated project manager from our Birmingham web development team will be your primary point of contact and will:

  • Consistently update you on project progress.
  • Have a weekly or bi-weekly call (depending on the size of the project) with you to maintain consistent communication.
  • Manage the project management tool that we use, ‘Monday’.
We utilise ‘Monday’ as we find it super easy for our clients to access and monitor progress. ‘Monday’ allows us to define and allocate project tasks to team members along with setting completion dates next to each task.


Our chosen ‘open source’ content management system for website development projects is WordPress.

Lightbox unique development approach to WordPress’ content management system means that you are in complete control of all of your content. Most of all it’s extremely user friendly for our clients.

We are experts in working with WordPress and have spent years developing a workflow and content management system that is second to none. As an agency we are extremely proud of our WordPress development approach.

We fully utilise WordPress’ theme framework (customiser,
widgets, menus etc.) and are capable of developing bespoke plugins and integrations to create the desired specifications for our clients.

Website Case Studies

Our significant experience in designing and developing websites means that you can trust that your project is in safe hands and will be delivered to set your business up for the future.

skn logo white
Strategy / Brand / UX / Visual Design / Motion
sk:n are the UK’s leading skincare clinic.
Accessible to everyone, we empower you to feel confident through better skin.
Elta Group White Logo
Strategy / Visual Design
Saving £86,200 over 12 months.

Developing a design system which allows Elta to regain brand control of all of its subsidiaries.

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