165% increase in website speed.

A crucial full code base restructure results in an optimised user experience fit for purpose.

Bira (British Independent Retailers Association) has been supporting independent retailers across the UK for the past 118 years. BIRA work with over 6,500 independent businesses of all sizes with a goal to make every member feel supported, informed and inspired. They have built a support team committed to the continuing success of every business they work with.

When BIRA approached us, their digital asset was not fit for purpose. It wasn’t the platform that gave BIRA stakeholders the confidence of supporting 6,500+ members. They needed digital specialists to help them.

2017 – Present


Creative Direction
Visual Design

165% Speed increase for the BIRA website since we began working on fully optimising it.


We conducted a digital and brand workshop to fully understand who BIRA are, what they stand for and their collective business vision.

The interactive session provided all of the stakeholders with a platform to have their say on how BIRA should be evolved in the future to ensure it remained stable.


Planning throughout whilst working with BIRA is crucial to ensure that their current digital asset is maintained and optimised.

Initially, we listened to the challenges that they were having as an organisation. We then conducted a complete audit of the code base which was then reported back to BIRA with a strategy to first tackle the largest problems with the website.


Our approach to design is to firstly listen and fully understand the requirements of the brief before commencing any design work.

We then begin rapidly prototyping ideas in the form of sketches in order to visualise initial concepts quickly, before progressing with the low fidelity wireframes into fully fledged, high rendered visuals using Sketch.

“We trust Lightbox to implement future ideas that will truly add value to our members and allow us to drive the organisation forward.”

Paige Hylton
Web & Digital Media Manager, Bira


We have been working with the marketing team over the past couple of years to make changes to the BIRA digital asset and infrastructure to ensure that it is robust and secure.

New functionality has also been added to enhance the user experience and the introduction of new features has resulted in the membership onboarding process being more robust and a seamless experience.

“Lightbox has been the digital agency that we needed, and through the work they have done, given us confidence in our digital platform.”

Paige Hylton
Web & Digital Media Manager, Bira

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Strategy / Visual Design / API / Integration

Slick, user friendly ordering experience.

A customer focussed internal system and API which will help facilitate the next stage of growth.