Slick, user friendly ordering experience.

A customer focussed internal system and API which will help facilitate the next stage of growth.

We have developed an application and API that integrates with a portfolio of Clearabee’s internal systems. The system will enable the business to grow into the commercial market and offer its clients a fast, user friendly ordering experience.

Clearabee have successfully grown their consumer market revenue to £10m in just 4 years which demonstrates that there was clearly a gap in the market for them to capitalise on.

Producing a pair of dashboard systems built in React is just the beginning and the powerful API that we have also developed will ensure that they are able to continue to grow and evolve as a business and harness digital technology.

2017 – 2018


Creative Direction
Visual Design

98% Increase in business efficiency, saving time, energy and resource.


The project was complex in terms of how many screens needed to be designed and the sheer volume of the UI components that needed to be created in order to build both dashboards.

We began by sketching out flow charts for each dashboard which enabled us to initially understand the underlying architecture involved.


Prototypes and wireframes of the user flows helped us understand the full requirements of each dashboard.

As a result of the project being software led we also decided that an Agile working approach would be required. This allowed us to release features over a period of sprints which would then help us achieve a MVP much more quickly than by using the traditional ‘waterfall’ method.


Design began with translating the initial wireframes into fully working prototypes of each dashboard. Although they were similar in design language they varied in functionality, audience groups and purpose.

It was important during the design phase that all possible UI and UX options were visualised to ensure that no assumptions were made during the the development phase that could has been detrimental to the user experience.

“Working with Clearabee on such a revolutionary series of digital products for their business was exciting for the design team as it really made us think about UX.”

Rob Pollard
Founder, Lightbox


We made life easier for the team at Clearabee by developing two systems and an API which will allow both the business and its customers manage their teams and fulfil orders with ease.

Developing the systems in React will ensure that they were robust and resilient and that the custom built API will allow them to be integrated with any platform.

“Working in React for the Clearabee projects has seriously provided us with the opportunity to secure further work in this interesting digital sphere using the React platform.”

PJ Ellis
Director, Lightbox

Partner with us to grow your digital revenue and visibilty.

Visual Design / CSR

A powerful engagement tool.

Providing a vehicle for the charity to engage with local people and businesses.