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Saving £86,200 over 12 months.

Developing a design system which allows Elta to regain brand control of all of it’s subsidiaries.

Elta Fans has been a manufacturer of high quality products for the Building Services, Applied Technology, Residential and OEM markets for over 40 years.

We had already successfully delivered the ‘Elta Group’ website when the Elta Group marketing team communicated some of the global brand management challenges they were facing 12 months on.

We listened to their challenges and it became clear that their UK team needed to have control over all digital assets that were currently built on varying platforms worldwide.

2017 – Present


Creative Direction
Visual Design

20+ websites and E-commerce websites delivered to Elta Groups global network.


Elta is a complex company which consists of multiple businesses to provide unrivalled fan, air movement and distribution, and filtration solutions.

Before embarking on a project of such scale we ran a series of workshops to understand each business, its brand and its ambitions.


Each website was extensively planned by firstly compiling a website structure in the form of a sitemap, before identifying the reusable components that would make up each website in order to best sell each brand proposition and products.

Sketches were crucial during the initial development of the first websites before translating these into high fidelity prototypes.


The design aspect of the website project was crucial in that we needed to change our whole approach towards design.

As a team we made an extensive list of all of the components that could be used on the first few websites; we then designed new components and added them to the library, which resulted in them being available for the current websites and future websites.

“Utilising the Brad Frost ‘PatternLab’ approach to complete this series of projects has enabled us to quickly develop and deploy new websites with ease.”

Tom Lewis
Technical Lead, Lightbox


The result of our work will allow head-office to provide the global network of offices and sub-brands with a digital asset that adheres to Elta Group’s brand quality and user experience.

Varying levels of management positions will be able to issue limited editing access to global website managers to ensure quality of information is maintained across the group.

“We never imagined that such a versatile digital ecosystem could be developed. The new system will make life so much easier for our UK marketing team.”

Lucy Evans
Marketing Services Manager, Elta Group

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Strategy / Visual Design / PPC

165% increase in website speed.

A crucial full code base restructure results in an optimised user experience fit for purpose.