Refreshingly full of life and imagination.

We helped launch their new ‘Staycation’ product through targeted paid Social Media ads, increasing traffic to, and bookings through, the website.

6,663 enquiries were generated in 6 weeks and each enquiry cost just 25p.

The recent lockdown caused the hospitality industry to shut down. Hampton Manor lost their entire offering overnight (a Michelin Star Restaurant with rooms). Born in 1855, this exquisite Manor was not going to give up now and came to us for some ideas as to how to adapt, survive and then thrive.

Any new direction had to be sympathetic to the Manor’s current feel, respectful to its character, excite its current customers, and potentially appeal to a new audience.  All this whilst adhering to the government’s guidance on and around safe practice and distancing, 

Their Great British Staycation was born.



Paid Social Media Ads

We've always built our audience relationally but that only gets your name out so far.

Social Media Paid Advertising.

They needed to introduce a whole new national audience to their product, quickly and cost-effectively.

Ads targeted to users based on their location, demographic, interests and profile information across Facebook and Instagram could potentially provide them with a way of doing this. The platform’s advertising solutions can easily target current and future customers and fans.

It was now super-important to consider which type of ad would deliver the best return on investment. Was it best to create a carousel campaign? Should we lead with a retargeting ad? Will we use a video, or shall we let the images do the talking?

Create ads to meet your objectives.

Hampton Manor had a wealth of content. There was a stop-motion video and hundreds of beautiful images of the grounds, bedrooms and restaurants. We were certain that we’d be able to deliver high-performing combinations of our client’s creative assets to their audiences. Facebook ads were particularly suitable as they can be applied to Conversion, Traffic, Video Views, Lead Generation and Brand Awareness campaigns.

We created a number of ad-sets, all targeting slightly different audiences and set up three campaigns. The Facebook pixel base was in place and after we set-up an event in Ads Manager to help us measure the amount of times our objective was met,  we created an ad that would retarget those who had visited the website previously and a lookalike audience which would help us reach new people who were likely to be interested in the client’s offering.

The ads reached over 215,000 people appeared on over 550,000 screens within 5 weeks.

Traffic to the site, generated from social media, was also up 494% compared to the previous period.

6,663 enquiries were generated in 6 weeks and each enquiry cost just 25p.

The number of enquiries are increasing 10-15% and the cost of these are decreasing 2-10% week on week.

"As a Michelin-starred restaurant with rooms, we've built a strong local following but going further afield has been unknown territory for us! We've always built our audience relationally but that only gets your name out so far.

We needed to introduce a whole new national audience to our product and targeted paid ads with Lightbox have been remarkably effective. Less than a month in, the ads are bringing in the customers that have never heard of us before. More importantly, they are also the right customers - the targeted approach has brought us customers who really value what we do and are a joy to serve which means we can build a long term relationship with them.

We've reached 215,000 which far excels our regular posts which never reach more than a 2000! And 6,663 have ended up on our booking page. It's been such an important step for us to make, and I am sure the longterm benefits will be even more powerful.

Lightbox have been great listeners and have adapted well to understanding our brief about our customer whilst bringing his own expertise and insight to steer us to the best conclusions. This is the collaborative approach that we were looking for.

Thank you Lightbox!"

Fjona Weiling – Hampton Manor

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