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Providing commuters with a purpose, and the ‘why’. Flight caught, meeting nailed, bedtime story read.

The M6toll reached out to us to deliver a new website as over the years this vital component had been neglected and not pushed forward or evolved. The opportunity to reposition the M6toll in the digital space was too great to refuse.

We have brought the website and user experience into the new digital age with a fully responsive digital asset. The new asset allows users to quickly and easily locate vehicle classifications and pricing information before emabarking on their journey, whether it be as a delivery driver, to attend an important business meeting, or driving to catch a plane to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

2018 / 19


Creative Direction
Visual Design

132% Increase in online traffic resulting in a significant uplift in users of the M6toll.


The project commenced by conducting 16 brand and strategy workshops with various stakeholders around the business to ensure that the messaging and business purpose was identified and understood.

Stakeholder engagement was a fundamental component of ensuring the success of this complex project to ensure that the end result would be something that all employees would be proud of.


Our UX and development team worked with the marketing team at M6toll to generate the sitemap for the new website as the current sitemap was quite bloated and over-complicated.

A solid sitemap is one of the most important components of creating a new website it provides the foundation and identifies core user journeys.


Having embarked on a brand repositioning exercise. It was an opportunity to explore applying the brand and new messaging to the new digital asset, as well as evolving the digital brand.

The design approach to the M6toll website was no different to any other here at Lightbox. The team took the sitemap and extensively researched before plotting out ideas and initial user journeys before translating them into high-fidelity user centred prototypes.

“We’ve got some exciting plans for 2019 and working with Lightbox to kickstart the beginning of our digital transformation is just the beginning.”

Julie Davies
Commercial Director, M6toll


Developing the new website provided us with a challenge as we were required to liaise with another provider who was working on delivering the ‘Mytoll’ experience using the design principles that we had already laid out.

Both entities needed to come together to ensure that the build process was seamless. Our code and servers were also subjected to a series of penetration tests to ensure that the codebase was secure and to the highest of standards.

We chose to work with team because they are young, vibrant and ambitious – the new environment they have created reflects the culture and ethos at Lightbox.”

Maxine Estevez
Executive Assistant / Press Officer, M6toll

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