Providing the home emergency experts with strong digital assets.

Corporate and retail websites that build trust with their customers.  

npa24:7 is a leading home emergency specialist, an organisation where people come first by focusing on their mission, values and purpose. Their whole web infrastructure required a huge overhaul.

We have now repositioned npa24:7 as a trusted and reputable supplier and provided the marketing team with a digital asset that they can be proud of and utilise to promote their business and make their customers feel at ease when they are feeling their most vulnerable.   

2019 – Present


Visual Design

A significant increase in new signups of our protection plans.


npa24:7 approached us as they required two websites. One for the retail side of their business and one for the corporate side of their business. We held a discovery workshop in order to understand npa24:7’s biggest challenges from the people that were on the ground experiencing these on a daily basis.


During the discovery session we discussed at length with the stakeholders on the project what the primary user stories needed to be on both websites. 

During this workshop we were able to work with the team to craft two comprehensive sitemaps which would provide the user groups with the information that they need.   


As a result of us designing two websites for npa24:7 it was crucial that they shared components and both looked like they were part of the same family in terms of their brand application. We utilised Sketch to design all of the pages to the website and presented them using Invision so that the client could immerse themselves into a realistic online experience which allowed them to navigate the prototype. 

“It was an amazing series of projects to be involved with.”

Heather Williams
Digital Designer, Lightbox


As part of this project we successfully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics in order to allow the client to keep an order trail of their customer data. 

We also integrated and configured a payment gateway
which allowed users to purchase protection plans on a monthly subscription plan or annual basis.

"We worked with Lightbox to rebuild our digital assets from the ground up. The team at Lightbox supported us throughout the process and produced something we are extremely proud of.”

Kelly Baber
Campaign Manager, NPA 24:7

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Strategy / Visual Design / Digital Marketing
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