168% increase in new leads generated.

New leads generated from targeted strategic PPC campaigns for the property giant.

SevenCapital is one of the UK’s leading property investment development companies which was suffering due to the slow and unreliable digital experience they were currently offering to their customers through their digital assets.

We have now repositioned the brand digitally and delivered a website that is set up to enable the property developer to activate their aggressive growth strategy. Data driven design accompanied with A/B testing ensures that the website continues to evolve and exceed the expectations of its visitors.

2018 – Present


Visual Design

168% Increase in new leads generated across the development portfolio.


We jumped at the opportunity to pitch for the SevenCapital website which was in desperate need of an overhaul as it was proving to be slow to load and unreliable.

For a business the size of SevenCapital – with such an aggressive growth strategy in place – it was pivotal that they had a suitable platform in place which would enable this.


As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. The deadline was tight and the brief was extensive therefore planning was crucial.

Firstly, we worked with the in-house marketing team to understand what they wanted the website to be so we could make their lives easier.  We fully understood the brief before moving into the design phase of the project.


The Brad Frost reusable component approach was taken to the design of the SevenCapital website which allowed us to quickly create modules and construct appropriate layouts from those. In order to make the process even more efficient our design team spent time at the SevenCapital offices with the marketing team and sketch-wireframed every page within the website. This helped substantially reduce production time within the design phase of the project.

“Lightbox are a great company to work with. They have extensive digital knowledge, always deliver beyond expectation and on time which is very important to us.”

Andy Cove
Acquisition Manager, SevenCapital


Speed, reliability and mobile optimisation were crucial components within this project and clear from the outset. Therefore, we constructed the SevenCapital website with this in mind from compressing our code and optimising all of the website images to ensure that the website was kept as lean as possible.

We managed to get the website load speed down from 3.8 seconds to a fully loaded time of 1.2 seconds.

"We worked with Lightbox to rebuild our digital eco-system from the foundation up. We created a website that was totally customisable through an easy block builder.”

Helen Barlow
Head of Marketing, SevenCapital


The website is just a small proportion of the wider marketing activity conducted by the in-house team.

For consistency and customer familiarity it is important that both teams work in tandem to ensure that the user experience is not compromised at any time during the customer journey.


We continue to support the in-house marketing team and the SevenCapital website to this day through conversion rate optimisation which is enabling us to make data driven design tweaks and changes to the website to ensure that it is fully optimised for the user.

Working in sprints alongside the SevenCapital team allows us to groom the backlog and prioritise tasks.

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Strategy / Visual Design

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