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Following a series of mergers and strategic business acquisitions, Shakespeare Martineau has become one of the UK’s top 55 law firms with offices across the UK.  The company has subsequently invested in a new digital experience which is now reflective of their size, stature and quality of service.

We have now repositioned the brand digitally and delivered a website that is set up to enable the firm to easily publish thought-leadership content. The UX has been designed to keep visitors engaged for longer but also to find content and people 
(lawyers) quickly.

2018 / 19


Creative Direction
Visual Design

260% Increase in online enquiries resulting in a significant uplift in sales.


The project commenced by conducting 16 brand and strategy workshops with various stakeholders around the business to ensure that the messaging and business purpose was identified and understood.

Stakeholder engagement was a fundamental component of ensuring the success of this complex project.  This helped make sure that the end result would be something that all employees would be proud of.


Like any project, the planning phase was crucial to determine how successful the project was going to be.

This process began by working with the business to visualise the sitemap and the content hierarchy to ensure that the business needs were met and that the content was arranged in a logical manner.


As one of the largest websites that we had ever dealt with at Lightbox it was crucial that we broke the website down into a series of reusable components and blocks which we designed from scratch and constructed pages.

Creativity was injected into the project through building on the existing brand and bespoke image manipulation and curation, which has resulted in a powerful and bold design which certainly differentiates Shakespeare Martineau from its competitors.

“The team at Shakespeare Martineau truly allowed us to lead and inspire them through creativity to deliver a timeless user experience.”

Daniel Dean
Head of Design, Lightbox


Developing a site that was fully optimised for performance that did not have a negative impact on the user experience was key to providing a seamless experience regardless of the type of device being used. We have made life easier for the project team and their teams by delivering a website which they can fully control.

The new site has streamlined internal processes through various integrations saving teams a significant amount of time.

“Thank you and your team for all your hard work, patience and support in getting our new website over the line. I love it and there’s a real buzz around our business about it!”

Victoria Tester
Chief Operating Officer, Shakespeare Martineau

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