A forward-thinking digital asset.

A national constructor provided with a platform to showcase their passion for innovation.

We were approached by one of the UK’s leading construction companies Speller Metcalfe who deliver construction projects ranging from £250k to £50m.

Speller Metcalfe were in desperate need of a digital asset overhaul as their previous website was not responsive, nor did it showcase some of the great projects in which Speller Metcalfe were involved in.

The company is working with some serious cutting edge technology to bring some of their project ideas to life and it therefore deserved a better way of showcasing this to the world.


2017 – 2018


Creative Direction
Visual Design

78% Increase in organic traffic subsequent to the launch of the new digital asset.


We conducted a digital workshop to fully understand the requirements of the project and to develop the proposition statement that would sit at the top of the website and encapsulate who Speller Metcalfe was and what they do.

It was communicated clearly that clients and prospects needed to be front and centre of the new website.


We worked closely with the in-house marketing team to develop the sitemap and content hierarchy of each page within the website which helped considerably speed up the creative process.



The Speller Metcalfe web design and interaction design was completely bespoke.

It was clear from the beginning of the design process that we wanted to bring the website to life through movement.

The design was therefore kept clean and focussed the proposition around the business being a forward thinking contractor where people come first.

“Working closely with the marketing team at Speller Metcalfe certainly made life easier for everyone involved, allowing us to be creative and really focus on the content."

Daniel Dean
Head of Design, Lightbox


We made life easier for all project stakeholders by developing a digital asset that is easy to showcase projects. 

The animation element of the new website brought it to life and this was all made possible by ensuring that the design and development team worked in collaboration to ensure that the vision for how elements would move was realised.

“Bringing the website to life through animation and transitions has really elevated Speller Metcalfe.”

Tom Lewis
Technical Lead, Lightbox

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