Moving PE forward.

A hub of high quality PE planning resources that empowers primary school teachers to deliver better Physical Education.

Physical education plays a critical role in developing well-rounded, healthy children 
and young people.

A teacher has the opportunity to set children up for lifelong enjoyment of games, athleticism, and activity while also helping them grow their social and cooperation skills, self-evaluation, and goal-setting abilities. They also have the right to enjoy their job and grow their career. This client aims to empower them to teach lessons that are more enjoyable and memorable for their pupils and for themselves.

By supporting teachers with the knowledge, resources and tools they need to master PE lesson delivery – and by constantly evolving the services and materials the client offered – the companys aim was to help elevate PE to a more central place in schools and in the national curriculum.

2017 – 2019


Creative Direction
Visual Design

A website that allows teachers to effectively plan and build PE lessons without the stress.


We had built up a long lasting relationship with The PE Hub over the years as we had built their previous website. As their business was continuing to grow and evolve we recommended that they needed a new brand followed by a new website, which would allow teachers to access and build custom lesson plans as part of a subscription based model.

Within the discovery session it was paramount that we worked with the client to lay out the new sitemap and glean any new functionality which would ultimately make life easier for the PE Hub team.


Post sitemap creation we established the hierarchy of page content within the key pages and what the user journey should be.

Sketching out these pages as a team quickly allowed us to establish a user flow and roughly how these areas of the site should visually look.     


The design aspect of the website project was made a lot easier by being able to work with a strong set of brand identity guidelines. Creating these ourselves allowed us to use assets and components to bring the website to life through superb icons and imagery.  

“As a result of having access to strong visual guidelines we were able to digitally apply the brand with ease.”

Heather Williams
Digital Designer, Lightbox


The main USP for the new website that we built for The PE Hub was to provide teachers with a platform to unlock the ability to build and access custom lesson plans which they can download and print as required. 

We also integrated the site with Pipedrive which now allows The PE Hub to manage all of their subscribers and communicate with them using email marketing to (amonst other things) encourage them to renew their subscriptions. 

"Lightbox have been a tremendous help with our online presence. The SEO support has been invaluable as we continue to grow from strength to strength."

Mim Telfer
Founder, The PE Hub

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