Heather Williams

Digital Designer

Heather is our Digital Designer here at Lightbox who, since joining, has already built up an impressive portfolio of creative work. With high attention to detail and impressive idea generation skills, Heather is passionate about bringing design to life through meaningful and immersive visual solutions.

Heather brings creative flair and talent to our customers’ needs, understanding and translating a brief to make it visually arresting, effective and getting the customer’s message across whether it’s in a digital or non-digital medium.


When she’s not thinking up exciting new ideas for clients, Heather is a true ‘adventure seeker’ who loves to travel – she has backpacked her way across south east Asia, interrailed across Europe – and last year she threw herself out of a plane for charity.

"Good design is a given. Good design that works for you - that's what makes the difference."

Heather Williams
Digital Designer, Lightbox

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