What we do

At Lightbox we create and market bespoke digital products that drive growth and make life easy for you, your teams and your customers. 

Discovery Workshops

We help you discover what your future should be through collaborative, strategic thinking and brand building. We facilitate your conversations and challenge your status quo to produce powerful outcomes.


We help you to unlock your brand to define your purpose and position in the market. Developing a strong brand proposition allows you to effectively communicate with your audience groups to accelerate the growth of your business.

Website Design

We help you utilise your website to grow your business and systemise your internal process saving time and money.


We help you build a market leading E-commerce experience by making the complex simple and placing the customer at the heart of the journey.


When building your website we constantly consider your customers’ priorities. Too often websites are built around the requirements of the business when actually, they need to be an effortless experience for the user.

Integrations & APIs

Companies work best when they are fully connected. Our integrations bring together the best platforms and tools to help your business run seamlessly. We also use our expertise to work with APIs to connect even the most complex of systems.


We empower our clients to grow and develop their digital footprint through a powerful, user-friendly App.


We help you grow your revenues online by utilising our experience, proven processes and technical know-how to create and deliver robust SEO strategies.

Social Media

Raise your brand exposure, awareness and profile through creative and effective social media management.


PPC is an acronym of “Pay Per Click”. PPC is used for businesses to increase sales and ROI; it is quick turnaround advertising which gets your website across the top positions on search engines by bidding on keywords and phrases.


Are you getting the most out of your website? We can help effectively optimise your customers behaviour into enquiries and sales.