An enchanting castle at the foot of the Malvern Hills.

Surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arboretum, and lake, Eastnor Castle is the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family.

Eastnor Castle lies in Herefordshire at the foot of the Malvern Hills on the edge of the Cotswolds. Surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arboretum and lake, Eastnor Castle is the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family.

Besides being a fascinating and award-winning visitor attraction, Eastnor Castle fulfils other roles as an exclusive-use castle wedding venue, corporate team building venue, and private party venue, as well as a venue for product launches and location filming.

The opportunity for Eastnor Castle was to provocatively shout about what they do and become the visitor attraction of choice for a plethora of events throughout the year.    

2019 – Present


Creative Direction
Visual Design

58% of goal completions (including the purchase of general admission tickets) on the site have been completed by users who were acquired organically.


The Eastnor Castle venue is a visitor attraction for dog walkers to people looking to get married or people that want to experience a Land Rover experience day. 

All of these services and offerings needed to be captured within the website infrastructure and then effectively communicated through the website.


Firstly, we created the new sitemap for the website as a team to ensure that it allowed each user group to quickly get to and extract the information that they needed from the new website.

We utilised ‘gloomaps’ in order to visualise the sitemap. This allowed us to collaborate with the client and resulted in a solid foundation before we moved into the design phase.    


The approach to the design work was to keep it simple and allow the photography do the talking.  As the saying goes, ‘a pictures says a thousand words’.

Throughout the design process we were constantly thinking about how we could design a website that is simple to navigate and be one that provided the user with enough information to visit the Castle, attend an event, experience a day of off-roading or host their wedding at the venue.


“As a team we really enjoyed working with the Eastnor Castle brand because there was lots of high quality and exquisite photography to use which as you can imagine is a designer's dream”.

Heather Williams
Digital Designer, Lightbox


During the build phase of the project we ensured that we made the website user friendly from an administration and updating point of view. We also built the website using a series of blocks what were reusable so they remained on brand and the client could easily put together new pages using the library we provided.

“This new versatile digital asset will make life so much easier for our client.”

Natalie Pejovic
Head of Client Services, Lightbox

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