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Growing paid traffic with PPC

RBL are a leading branding agency in the West Midlands. They specialise in all things brand from brand identity, creation, brand strategy and much more.

RBL came on board with us with in 2017 where we supported with their SEO, growing their online visibility and making them number one for some competitive branding agency terms.

RBL wanted us to help grow their online traffic quickly through paid advertising. Our focus was to drive traffic to their brand strategy, branding design and rebranding pages.

2017 – Present



105.21% increase in online conversions year on year, resulting in a significant improvement in ROI.

The paid ad outcomes for RBL

Since working on their PPC account in 2018, online conversions went up by 105.21% year on year. 

From 26 in 2018 to 197 in 2019, helping massively improve their ROI and CRO online.


increase in the Click Through Rate (CTR) across their campaigns


increase in the number
of advertisement clicks

What we did

From taking over their PPC account we optimised the following:

Keywords / Search Terms / Negative Keywords

Keywords drive users to your ads. Making sure that you are using the right keywords is quite literally key. Relevant, high to low volume keywords are what drives good traffic to ads. With RBL we made sure that each campaign, and each ad group had the right keywords, using broad, phrase and exact match types targeting brand related search terms. From running the ads we ensured the CPC was within budget and competitive alongside filtering out any irrelevant search terms to narrow the campaign down to specifics which helped increase the CTR across the campaign.

Ad Group & Ad Optimisation

For RBL we looked at new ad text, extensions and landing pages; ensuring ad text was optimised across each campaign. After all this is what attracts the user to click onto the add; it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your highest bid, if the text isn’t encouraging you will be losing out on potential online conversions. We made sure each ad was optimised with eye catching, persuading headlines and descriptions with optimised landing pages and URL structure. We made sure the ad extensions were relevant to the ads with calls to action and related topics.


Another important part of the PPC optimisation work was geotargeting.  RBL wanted to focus on the West Midlands and Leamington Spa where they are based. Location can play a big part in impression share / impressions on ads and CTR. If you’re targeting the whole of the UK, you would see a high number of impressions and few clicks and conversions. It depends if you’re looking for brand awareness or general online conversions. With RBL we ensured that their location was optimised across all campaigns so we were successfully targeting the right audience.

Conversion Optimisation

An important part of Google Ads is conversion rate optimisation. One of the main reasons for advertising on Google is to increase the growth of traffic amd generate more conversions. For RBL we ensured that the tracking code was embedded across their site to collect data and track for conversions across all ads.

Maintaining Budgets

The budget of your ad campaign can help drive your traffic. We made sure that with RBL, their ad performance was getting the best out of their budget with the use of competitive CPC and daily ad spend limits. 

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Click through rate increased by 9.98%.

This is just the beginning! We are working tirelessly with Millennium Point to increase this further.