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sk:n is the UK’s leading skincare clinic.

Accessible to everyone, we empower you to feel confident through better skin.

In order to maintain their market leading position and brand authority, sk:n invested in a new digital experience that has made managing their digital content, bookings, offers and pricing significantly easier. 

The project included brand repositioning so that the brand purpose is clear to understand. We carried out a full bespoke redesign of the sk:n CMS website accompanied with the design and development of a bespoke booking system that integrates with the website and their client management system, built in React.

We are proud to partner with sk:n and continue to support with a variety of web development activities.

2018 / 19


Art Direction
Visual Design

187% Increase in online bookings resulting in a significant uplift in sales.


Embarking on a digital transformation project to accelerate growth and revenue whilst making sk:n more accessible to clients.

The digital assets have repositioned the brand and reaffirmed their position as a market leader. Before we commenced the digital project, we clarified the sk:n proposition, messaging and story.


The planning phase of any project is the most crucial. This will ultimately be the barometer of how successful a project is.

We strip it right back to the basics and begin every project by scamping and visually communicating user journey flows and initial idea generation before migrating low fidelity wireframes into Sketch.


We have orchestrated a digital transformation for sk:n, starting at the beginning with the evolution of the sk:n brand, proposition and positioning through to the creation of a new brand book presenting the brand accompanied with all of the assets and correct use cases.

A full redesign and development of the sk:n CMS website and bespoke booking system, resulted in a seemless and uninterrupted user experience.

“We’ve got some exciting plans for 2019 and working with Lightbox to kickstart the beginning of our digital transformation is just the beginning.”

Chris Bull
Marketing Director, sk:n


The sk:n client management system has been built in React in order to future proof it and be at the forefront of the digital sphere.

It was crucial that the development of the CMS was optimised for SEO from the first line of code written in order to preserve the traction already obtained by the previous website. 

Integrating with their .NET client management system has allowed the website to be much more powerful.

We chose to work with team because they are young, vibrant and ambitious – the new environment they have created reflects the culture and ethos at Lightbox.”

Chris Bull
Marketing Director, sk:n

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