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USN are a global sports nutrition brand.

We helped them reposition their digital experience to become a content creator as well as a retailer.

USN approached us to help them improve their digital customer experience by moving away from a solely product led experience to content driven brand experience. 

The goal was to create a website that allowed users to explore and get a feel for what the brand stands for as well its product range. The new website was to enable the brand to publish content, training and nutritional advice so it became more than a retail experience. It would be a source of valuable content for its global audiences.

The design had to adhere to the existing brand guidelines with some creative license to sophisticate the visuals.

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Visual Design

Improved product presentation, UX and content experience.


To enable a shift to a content led experience, it was important that our team understood what the brand stands for, what’s important to each of their customer personas and how that is translated into an effortless digital experience. We hosted a digital workshop with key project stakeholder to capture the key insights and generate creative ideas for the structure and UX of the website along with the content hierarchy of key pages.

We wanted to create a UX that allowed website users to be able to find products in a number of ways – by fitness goal or through the product mega menu.


We wanted to elevate the digital brand from what their previous website was offering customers. Working with such an expressive brand creates great opportunity to enagage users with impressive visuals. At the same time, its all too easy to get carried away with that and so the design team had to carefully balance impact with simplicity so users can easily navigate the content without having to work too hard. We wanted to make their life easy.


The USN website is a bespoke Shopify build. Shopify was chosen as a platform as it allows the USN marketing team to easily manage and measure the performance of the website. Shopify will also allow USN to easily switch to E-commerce when the time is right. Currently users are directed from the product page to retail stocks e.g. Amazon, ASDA, etc to purchase the products.

“The new website enables USN to better connect with their global audience by delivering their website content strategy”

Rob Pollard
Director, Lightbox Digital

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