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Order a fancy dress costume. Or two.

You can see where we are going, right?

It’s blooming Star Wars Day. Or something like that.

So, we got ourselves ready. And immediately took a photo in the ladies’ bathroom.

We had a bit of work to do first, so we got this done before heading out, obvs.
Once we were done, we went to Pigeon Park for a selfie.
And then immediately to the pub. We actually grabbed a Mad Goose and a Jimbo from our friends over at Purity. Check them out here.
In fact, CCTV caught us getting stuck in ๐Ÿป
And then it was time to go and film the documentary ๐Ÿ“น

You see what really happens on the 4th of May is that the Dark Side holds its annual appraisal day. And it was Big-Dave-Massive-from-Stafford’s time to ask his boss for a pay rise.

You can check how he got on below.

We think he did okay. What do you think?

We’ll let you into a secret. They were fine after their meeting. And actually became closer as a result of the open conversation. They actually spent the day together checking out the sites of sunny Birmingham. Good times.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Anyway, for now, did you know we offer video packages for brands who want to supercharge their marketing?

You didn’t? Okay, you might as well have a quick look over here then ๐Ÿค˜

In the meantime, stay safe, in school, and committed to life. And to Star Wars.