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Rob: We need to do more events at the office.

PJ: Yes, maybe get some really amazing speakers in to inspire, motivate and educate. To really open up.

Rob: Let’s do this.

PJ: We shall call it Unbox.

Well, we think it went something like this.

We wanted to create a series of events that people enjoyed. That people wanted to go to. That connected people. That really got people wanting to come back.

And going on the reaction to our first event back in July, we have a feeling that we may be on to something. And that something is to inspire audiences of driven entrepreneurs and marketing specialists in a relaxed, like-minded environment. We basically nailed the brief, right?

So, how did we do that?

By filling a room with brilliant people? Partly.

By feeding these brilliant people, amazing food? Partly.

By investing in ace AV equipment? Partly.

By hosting the event in a relaxed, welcoming environment? Partly.

By making sure that the speaker was incredible? Yes.

That they were humble, honest, and open? Yes again.

That they had a brilliant story to tell that would leave others inspired. Hell yeah.

And that speaker was none other than Paul Richardson. The ex-Chairman of the unicorn Gymshark and now (amongst many other things) owner of HERA clothing, also investing in amazing start/scale-ups such as Energym, Haru and ARX Alliance. Take a look at his amazing portfolio here.

We met with Paul before the event and were amazed at how humble he was – in fact, it’s a call to action that he “stole” from Gymshark’s ex CEO, Steve Hewitt: “Word hard, stay humble”. He told us about his upbringing, and his ventures into waste, fashion and football. It just felt so real and so open. When asked if anything was “off the table”, the answer was simple: “no”.  And this, we feel, helped make the conversation so fruitful, because it was so open.

And for this, we will be eternally grateful. We are sure the 100 attendees feel the same.

So, a few takeaways from Paul’s chat are below:

– Be authentic.
– Trust in your vision, together.
– Surround yourself with (or hire) people better than yourself.
– Work hard to win. Very hard.

But don’t take our word for it – check out the interview here for an absolute gem of a chat. You can thank us later.

So, what’s next?

Well, we have our next event (they are every other month for now) on Tuesday the 27th of September. And our guest speaker is another gem. Another brilliant person with a brilliant story to tell (just like we promised above).


And you’ll hear all about the BAFTA-nominated TV presenter’s amazing journey, from holiday repping and Big Brother 3 to This Morning, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and tap-dancing with Renee Zellweger.  How has she built her digital brand? How does she maintain it? How does she cope with being in the digital spotlight 24/7? No stone will be left unturned and we cannot wait.

So, what’s next?

Well, we have our next event (they are every other month for now) on Tuesday the

So, if you fancy it, feel free to get involved.

You’ll just need to REGISTER FOR FREE HERE and make sure you bring good vibes only.

Let’s do this.