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Why your URL structure is important?

Many things are important for SEO on your website, URL structure is definitely not one to be missed! Read our post on why your URL structure is important and ways you can benefit from having a well-structured URL!

What is a URL Structure?

URL structure belongs in the user experience and web design stage of a website, whether that is a new or an existing website.

The URL structure is quite literally the URL wording and plays a big part in SEO.

An optimised URL offers a better search experience to the end-user and helps search engine robots to understand the relevance and context of that landing page.

So, what’s the magic behind the URL structure?

The URL of a landing page may seem minor to a lot of people, but it holds SO much power for SEO.

You’re not only making the URL path clear for the user and search engines, you’re allowing the page to gain good page authority and are more likely to get natural links from other websites.

No one wants to link to a URL that is too long and full of numbers and stop words.

See below the top three things to take into consideration when creating a page:

URL length

Let’s get down to business and give it to you direct, the best URL length to have on a landing page should be 50 – 60 characters. You want to make it short, sweet and impactful.

Another important thing to remember with the length of a URL is to make sure the URL parents are neatly structured correctly.

URL Simplicity

Less is more. You want to remove any stop words when creating an optimised URL.

For instance, if you were creating a page/post called “The best guide to creating the perfect blog post 2021” you would want the URL to read “perfect-blog-post-guide” which is short and snappy and includes the right keywords.

It’s always best to remove any dates from the URL. Not only are numbers irreverent to search engines as they class it as data, which isn’t important to include within a URL.

Also, to add to that factor – you may want to update that page/post in future and change it to the current date. With this in mind, you would not want to change the URL as it will affect the page authority as once a URL is changed it will be indexed as new again by search engines regardless of what URL redirects to it.


Keywords are extremely important to use when it comes to optimising your URL for SEO.

Not only does it reflect on the page but it is a great start to internal linking through relevant alt text across your site, this makes it clear to the user and gives context to the search engine bots helping boost the page authority of your URL.

The bottom link…

The bottom line, make sure you are using the right keywords, length and relevance to the URL of your landing page, good URL structure is key to a great performing website! If you think your website is in need of a URL check or you think you could benefit from SEO, then get in touch with one of our Birmingham based SEO experts today!