Express Yourself on LinkedIn with Reactions

Someone you know has just posted an update on LinkedIn. You give it a ‘like’. Is this sincere enough? Do you need to comment on it? Should you send them an email?

LinkedIn can sometimes be a minefield, and believe it or not a simple like can sometimes have different meanings and can also be interpreted differently too.

Fear not, as LinkedIn has announced that they will be introducing Reactions.

Following in Facebook’s footsteps, LinkedIn will be introducing Reactions; a more expressive way to respond to the variety of posts than just your bog standard thumbs up.

Reactions will include Like, Celebrate, Love, Insightful and Curious.

We’re having thousands of different conversations on LinkedIn now, whether it’s discussing industry news, celebrating professional milestones, giving advice on someone’s job search journey, or sharing thoughts on important workplace topics.

As the way people use LinkedIn seems to be changing, these Reactions will help you to express yourself in different ways and to also understand why someone liked what you have posted.

Reactions are starting to roll out now and will soon be available globally to all members in the coming months, so you will soon be able to connect and talk with your community on LinkedIn.

Take a look at LinkedIn’s blog about the design journey behind Reactions or get in touch with one of our social media marketing experts today.