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“I’d be bored doing the same thing over and over, and the audience wouldn’t like it, too. The trick is to break that monotony” – Kajal Aggarwal

Now there’s some truth.

The only thing more boring than doing the same thing over and over again, is seeing something over and over again (i.e. the social media audience of a never evolving brand).

Getting out of a content rut is essential for keeping your followers engaged, staying friends with social media algorithms, and running a high-performing strategy!

So without further ado, let’s jump into some fresh ideas to spice up your feed!

Create a Series

This could be daily, weekly, or monthly, with the aim to create habit among your followers with a consistent and specific type of content.

Basically, you’re aiming to create something that your audience wants to tune into.

It could be as simple as a top tip post, a video series or a day of the week where you always do a funny behind the scenes post.

The regularity of these posts lets your followers know what to expect from you, and gives you a nice way to structure your content plan too.

For example, we do weekly fact posts, carousels based on our blogs, and video series!

Make A Meme

Showing a bit of humour shouldn’t be something to be afraid of!

After over a year in a pandemic, showing that your brand can relate and be lighthearted with your audience can only be a good thing! Especially to those brands who have a younger target audience and a heavy social presence.

When done well, memes are often shared around which does your engagement and reach a world of good too!

Repurpose your Content

If you’re trying to cover all of your social channels AND your website with blogs, videos, graphics, infographics and probably much more, then it would take a huuuuuge amount of time and effort to do it separately for every channel!

Repurposing your content will help you in two big ways – by maximising your hard work and by making your life one heck of a lot easier.

Blog content can easily be made into swipe carousels for Instagram or shortened for LinkedIn. ‘Teaser’ clips from longer videos can be shared across all social channels, or quotes from your content can easily be slung into Canva to create a great little graphic.

Get creative, and make the most of the work you’ve already done!

Do A Giveaway

One thing is for sure, if something’s free, people want it.

Running a giveaway on your social media is a great way to get additional engagement, especially if part of the requirement is to tag a friend (and make sure they’re both following you!).

This also shows that you’re interested in providing (free) value to your followers, which they’ll appreciate you for.

It’s a very simple process to run a giveaway – you’ll simply need to have something to give away (funnily enough), have terms and conditions that cover yourself legally, a point of contact and a solid way of entering.

Methods of entry include commenting and tagging a friend, using a specific hashtag, encouraging user generated content or asking to share the competition on social media stories.

Moment marketing “the ability to take advantage of ongoing events and creating communications & marketing collaterals around such events”.

In short, being able to adapt quickly to trending topics whilst putting your brand twist on it is one of the most relatable things you can do in that given moment.

This method of marketing does require you to be quick and aware of trending topics, but when done right it can score big numbers on social media!

Take Oreo as an example from the Superbowl blackout a few years ago, which had over 15,000 retweets!

Do A Takeover

Whether it’s an influencer or an employee, getting someone else to take over your channel for a day is a great way to get a fresh set of eyes and content!

Even just a story takeover works wonders if your feed posts are already planned!

Asking an employee to do a day of behind the scenes footage is not only fun for the employee who has been given the responsibility, but also gives your followers an opportunity to be nosey! And let’s face it – who doesn’t like to be nosey!

If you choose to work with an influencer to take over your page for the day, make sure their audience demographic is relevant to your own. After all, the purpose of an influencer collaboration is to gain exposure to the right people!


Leading on nicely from the last point, why not try co-marketing with another brand?

Teaming up on a campaign, an e-book, a web event or a giveaway will allow you to reach their audience. Showing yourself to be involved with a reputable brand too will only help to shine a positive light on yours.

Team with brands who share a similar audience to you, or an area that you’re trying to break into.

Go Live

People love to see the real people behind a brand – so why not jump on a live and show your personality!

It’s also an opportunity for your audience to ask you questions, which will give you valuable insight into what they’re looking for and will help you to tailor your content accordingly.

Responding to people in real time will also help to establish a more personal connection.


We hope we’ve given you some ideas to keep your content fresh!

Remember, keeping on top of trends and not slipping into a monotonous mentally of “I must do this strategy I planned last month” is key to staying on trend and in touch with your audience.

It’ll also help increase your chances of being seen and expanding your audience network, through the creation of current and engaging content!

Happy content creating!

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