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You need digital marketing, every business does (in some shape or form). That’s a given. But how do you know whether to hire an in house digital marketing team or outsource to a digital marketing agency? The answer is it really depends on several factors including your business size, budget and strategy. We have plenty of reasons to hire an agency, including the following:

Save Time on Your Digital Campaigns

Hiring a digital marketing agency means that you can free up your time for other business development activities. Rather than spending hours on running campaigns, you’re not sure of, researching how to do them better and implementing them in 50 different ways, you can pass the work on to a digital marketing agency that has the time and resources to do it for you.

Digital marketing experts know exactly how to run digital campaigns efficiently within set time frames, so you can rest assured that every minute you are paying for will be of value.

Leave it to the Experts

Are you a digital marketer? If not, don’t guess. You may know your business inside out, but that doesn’t always mean you know how to market it effectively. Utilise your budgets to their maximum potential and give the digital marketing of your business to the experts.

You will find that a digital marketing agency can achieve results quicker than you ever could going it alone. They will know exactly who to market to, how to do it and when to put digital strategies into place. You can learn all this yourself and we recommend learning as you go, but this will take a significant amount of resources and time to do properly. Investing in experts will allow you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your digital marketing is in safe hands.

Access a Range of Digital Resources

Another great thing about working with a digital marketing agency is that they are far from one-trick ponies. Whether it be social media, SEO, PPC, website design or development, hiring an agency means that you can have all of your digital marketing resources under one roof. And if there’s anything that the agency doesn’t specialise in, they will have the best contacts in the industry who do.

An effective digital marketing campaign requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of subjects including SEO, content marketing, social media, branding, outreach and paid advertising. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a digital marketer who can do all of that single-handedly. Using a team of digital marketing specialists rather than relying on a single person reduces the chances of things going wrong, offering better value overall for money and time.

Save Money on Marketing

You may think hiring a digital marketing agency means a big cost to your business but when weighing it up long term, you will find that you are saving yourself a lot of money and will likely see a return on investment more quickly. Try to think how much it might cost you to hire an individual PPC expert, SEO specialist, social media campaign manager and a website developer (for starters). Compare that with what you would pay a digital marketing agency that has all of that in one place. See where the difference lies?

Get an Outside Perspective

Nobody knows your business better than you. Nobody loves your business more than you do. With that in mind, we know it can be pretty easy to get tunnel vision without stepping back to look at the bigger picture now and then. Working with a digital marketing agency means that you have access to a team of experts who see your business from a different angle, enabling you to fill any gaps that you might not have otherwise spotted.

Call us bias, but we are confident that investing in a digital marketing agency won’t leave you disappointed. Lightbox is a digital marketing agency in Birmingham, offering a wide range of services including:

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can transform your online presence and give your digital marketing the boost it deserves.